Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Media Revolution

"It's a fad, it won't last...", or will it?
Facebook, YouTUBE, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Digg,... the list goes on and on. They represent the fastest growing entities on the web. If you haven't considered utilizing these tools for personal or business communication, now is the time.! From mobile devices to the iPad, staying connected has literally never been so easy. Word of mouth travels at the speed of,... well, high speed internet.

I realized the importance of embracing these tools a couple of years ago at a family gathering in the scenic mountains outside of Cascade, Montana when I asked one of my younger (Gen Y) cousins for his email address. He simply looked at me like I was asking for a cassette tape of "Men at Work" or some other infamous 80's band he'd never heard of, and replied "Well I could give you my email address, but I never check it. I really only communicate via MySpace or Facebook." I was floored, and intrigued. Upon return to my home in Livingston, Montana I immediately went online to figure out this new wave of internet communication. It didn't take long for me to realize that email communication lacked personality and interactivity; whereas, Social Networking sites provided immediate connectivity with friends around the world. Photos, videos, updates, news feeds,... I was sold.

This is bigger than the Industrial Revolution. [watch]

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  1. Hey Mary! Just checking out your blog. I had the same thing happened when I tried to get email addresses from my 14-year-old niece and nephew. She said she uses FB and he said I needed his phone number to text to. Oddly enough all the 10-year-olds have email though...prolly cuz their not allowed free access to FB. Or don't have cell phones!